I have most of the acting techniques written down in a binder at home. All I need to do is make a pretty good PowerPoint and have a good presentation about all these techniques and lots of other things about acting. I have most of the monologue memorized, I'd write it down but it's supposed to be a surprise. Along with the monologue I have to make up my character. Although I didn't write the monologue, it didn't include any info about who I am. When it comes to monologues like that, you have to create him/her. Why? So you understand more of what you're talking about and why you're talking about it. Also if you do create him/her, you would feel more like the character. That's also one of the things you have to do in acting, feel like your character, relate to him/her. 
Now, I have learned almost all of the acting techniques that I should know, and now all I need to do is have a PowerPoint ready along with my monologue. As soon as I have the monologue memorized and my PowerPoint ready, honestly I think I'd be good to go. At first I kind of thought I'd be nervous doing the whole monologue in front of the class. But I tried doing the whole monologue alone, then with a few people, and realized that it wasn't so bad.  Acting is actually way harder than it looks though, it's not something that anyone can do. Not anyone can memorize a paper full of words and just say them. You have to have passion and feeling as you say it without any boring monotone voice. I think it'll all go well, I've done something like this before with my friends.
So far, I have found so many things about acting. I learned how to create a character, miming, articulation, projection, and how to deliver a monologue. At the end of the whole genius hour thing. I hope to be able to perform a whole monologue. With all the things I’ve looked into, I think I should be able to do it easily. I google’d a lot of sites and found a lot of details about these skills. I also already found a monologue from my older cousin. About creating a character, there’s actually a lot to it. You have to create every single little detail about this character to it. Like where he lives what his favourite color is and what his favourite food is. Articulation is when an actor needs to articulate and say his or her words clearly in order for the audience to understand and watch the show without confusion. Projection is basically the volume of your voice, projection is very important for actors, you need to say things loud and clear. And for delivering a monologue… It is a ton of work, you have to find out who your character is, you have to find out where this monologue is taking place, you have to know when this monologue is taking place. You have to know what he or she is talking about and you have to know why. It seems like a ton of work but, I think at this rate of the work I’m doing during genius hour, I’ll be able to do it no problem.

Personally, I don't think it's the whole school that kills creativity. I think it's some of the teachers that kill it. See, if there's a boring teacher with means of just doing worksheets all day and nothing else. I think that would kill creativity. But for teachers that have work for us to do that lets us to put our own variations to is fun and I think that further expands our creativity. But there are times where the whole school just seems really boring and we don't really have that much inspirations and such. Like when the school's colours are boring, or when there's no artwork on the walls, or when we have to have boring school uniforms. But as for the things we are learning, I don't really know if that kills creativity or not. I don't really think it kills creativity or adds creativity. I think it's something we're just going to use in the future. Overall, I don't think schools are the killers of creativity because it's not really the schools, it's more of what's in the schools.

Well, the first thing I'll say, is that music is my life. My parents met at a bar while my dad and his band had a gig. So basically I was created by music. But, I don't really play all that much music, I just listen to music and can tell if it's good or not. I like all types of music, rock, electronic, pop, (not big on rap, but I like it). Another big thing about me is that I spend a lot of time playing video games and watching YouTube videos. I guess that's most of what's about me and what I do. I'm not sure if I'm gonna speel more about me. But maybe Ms. Bertrand will make us post another something on our blogs so... This is me, part 1 I guess