Personally, I don't think it's the whole school that kills creativity. I think it's some of the teachers that kill it. See, if there's a boring teacher with means of just doing worksheets all day and nothing else. I think that would kill creativity. But for teachers that have work for us to do that lets us to put our own variations to is fun and I think that further expands our creativity. But there are times where the whole school just seems really boring and we don't really have that much inspirations and such. Like when the school's colours are boring, or when there's no artwork on the walls, or when we have to have boring school uniforms. But as for the things we are learning, I don't really know if that kills creativity or not. I don't really think it kills creativity or adds creativity. I think it's something we're just going to use in the future. Overall, I don't think schools are the killers of creativity because it's not really the schools, it's more of what's in the schools.


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